The dermopigmentation face

Dermopigmentation of the face, what is it?

Dermopigmentation is an aesthetic technique that corrects and structures areas of the face using pigments and games of light and shadow. Different methods of realization are possible to obtain a discreet and natural result.

It is particularly recommended when:
  • we want to look younger by fading fatigue,
  • we want a subtle and natural embellishment of certain facial features,
  • we seek to save time on our daily beauty.
The goal is not to look makeup but to intensify for a rendering that provides a real rejuvenating effect.

Dermopigmentation can treat which areas?

Our aesthetic clinic offers micropigmentation treatments in Paris to treat:

  • The eyes  : to intensify the eyelashes, we will work in pointillism at the base of the eyelashes to obtain a very natural shading effect. Eyelashes appear thicker, darker and look is intensified, more sustained.
  • Eyebrows  : in order to rejuvenate and structure the look, the dermograph uses a  tailor-made technique  or a combination of techniques: pointillism, shading, pile hair, microblading, etc … according to the needs of the patient and the desired result.

At Lutétia, our experts essentially work the look.

What happens during a session?

How many sessions are needed?

How long does dermopigmentation/microblading last?

How to maintain my dermopigmentation?

What are the contraindications to micropigmentation of the face?

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